Hey, folks - Rayshauna here. 

In the past, I'd think about the sort of year I wanted to have and scribble a few things down. This year, I want to be intentional, so I'm sharing my resolutions with the world. I've listed nine that I'm very intentional about and three that are a bit of a long shot. Now, I'm sharing this with you for the sake of transparency (and to invite you to share in my silliness), but I'd also love for you to be involved. Feel free to ask me how that "no coffee, no alcohol" month is going. I promise to not respond with any snark as long as you're not sipping a Guinness or light roast in your avi. Have a suggestion for which violin piece I should play? Send one my way...but no Paganini - that'd be cruel. Go ahead and connect me with your friend doing amazing work in Zambia so I can add them to my map. If you know Charlie, please let my dear future husband know that I'm sweet and I don't snore...and that he can have whichever side of the bed he wants.

Feel free to get in touch with me via this form or on the lovely Twitter. I'm @rayshaunagray. I'll be including updates in my newsletter as well. 

I'm wishing you a lovely, wonderful, magical new year. Stay in touch, okay? :)