Harvard's Inaugural Conference of the African and Diasporic Religious Studies Association

Panel #1: Guardians of Space: Skin and the Sacred Body

(l-r): DeShannon Bowens, ILERA: "The Ara is Divine Space & Sacred Territory: Yoruba Spiritual Concepts & Practices for Affirming the Body & Healing from Negative Sexuality Experiences"

Eziaku Nwokocha, Harvard Divinity School, "Gender, Colorism, and Sexual Performativity in Vodou Communities: The Case of Ezili Freda"

Yoknyam Dabale, Boston University, "Women of Zimbabwe as Keepers of Sacred Space"

Lisa Osunleti Beckley-Roberts, Panel Chair and Professor of Music, Tallahassee Community College, PhD Candidate, Florida State University

Panel #2: Earth Echoes, Water Reflects: Hush Harbors, Seal Grounds, and Aquatic Mirrors

(l-r): Iyanifa Ifadoyin Aduke, "Connecting to the Source: In Search of Orisa Rivers Abroad"

Khytie Brown, Harvard Divinity School, " 'Better to go to Zion than Burn Inna Fire': Exploring the Significance of the Revival Zion Seal Ground"

Kyrah M. Daniels, Harvard University, "Mirrors are Memory Laden: Kongo and Haitian Visions of Spirit, Self and Ancestry"

Adam McGee, Doctoral Candidate and Panel Chair, Harvard University

Nzinga Metzger, Florida A&M University, "Dancing the Sacred Grove: Ritual Movement and the Creation of Sacred Time and Space in US Orisa Traditions"

 (left): Iyanifa Ifadoyin Aduke (pictured again), Jaye Osunfunmike Nias, and Nneka Nnamdi, "Connecting to the Source: In Search of Orisa Rivers Abroad"

You can follow the ADRSA on Twitter at @TheADRSA and access the fantastic presentations on their Youtube channel. The hashtag for the conference was #ADRSA2013.

Other sponsors include the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard Divinity School, The DuBois Institute, The Orisa Community Development Corporation, and the DuBois Graduate Society.

Presenter bios, sponsor information and more is available at www.adrsa.org/conference.