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Audio for Good at Harvard Business School's Innovation Lab

Audio For Good is a hackfest where participants are challenged to make projects that help us hear one another and amplify stories that need to be told.

While stories are timeless, mediums change, with technologies like speech to text, bots, and voice interactive assistants (e.g. Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google) arising in a golden age of podcasts.

Voices from the dark outside a campfire, a brave storyteller alone on stage, a poet rapid fire spitting rhymes with a beat, a podcaster's whispered tale of one life in millions of ears, a broadcaster revealing tragedy — our very lives are made of the stories we hear and tell.

Why does audio matter? It matters because it moves us. 

For the event, participants will gather on Friday, hear inspiring keynotes, and then dig in to pitching ideas and forming teams.

Work continues until Saturday afternoon, when projects will be presented to the group and an august panel for feedback, followed by a celebration and after party!

Organized by PRX, Radio Public, and HBS' Digital Initiative / Sponsored by SONOS