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On Nourishment: Wellness + Creative Work

  • parachute studios (map)

Wellness is a feminist issue. Trying to feel good shouldn’t feel bad. The burgeoning wellness industry can feel so unattainable, burdensome, and frankly bullshit. While ideas of ritual and self care gain popularity, sometimes they can feel like another way to make you feel “not good enough.”

But they shouldn’t. Creative work + wellness are not mutually exclusive. You should have tools to feel wild, free, and well, in whatever way you choose. And to harness these tools in ways that help you battle the trauma that is inflicted on us daily by the immediate and historic pressure of living within a racist, capitalist, patriarchal, ableist, homophobic society.

As many creatives know - this is easier said than done. We won’t solve all of these problems in a day, but we do believe that coming together as a community and sharing alternative resources can work wonders. We also believe that vulnerability and listening are radical acts.

Join us to hear some new voices, learn some new things, and meet some new folks. Oh and also shop rad local vendors with snacks in hand.


  • Sarah Potter | Color Magic for Creatives
    We are unbelievably excited to welcome Sarah Potter experiential curator, art advisor, conjurer of color magic, and intuitive tarot reader to speak on color magic for creatives, a means of using specific hues to conjure different energies and manifest personal transformation. With a discerning eye, she utilizes her passion for modern-day mysticism, spirituality, and the occult to create experiential exhibitions of innovative artwork and memorable performances.
    Learn more about Sarah

  • Nina Gallant + Madison Trapkin | Food, Feminism, Freelance
    Photographer Nina Gallant of Parachute Studios and Madison Trapkin of GRLSQUASH, a womxn's food, culture, and art journal, will kick of the day’s events with a discussion of three things we think about daily, food, feminism, and freelance. They will bring their expertise as creatives, producers, and thought leaders, in Boston and beyond, to the stage to tackle these important topics.

    Find out more about Nina’s work + GRLSQUASH

  • Janan Graham-Russell | On Transitions

    Janan Graham-Russell is a PhD student and cultural commentator who writes about lifestyle, anthropology, and mental health. Her talk will be is a feminist-centered conversation on normalizing and navigating discussions about death and dying, focusing specifically on physical and emotional transitions. 

    Get to know Janan

  • Kristen Ciccolini | Intuition Nutrition
    Holistic nutrition coach, founder of Good Witch Kitchen, and magical babe Kristen Ciccolini help’s people manage their health naturally through whole foods and nourishing rituals. Learn the best brain and energy-boosting foods and rituals to lay the foundation for a stronger connection to your intuition.

    Dive into the Good Witch Kitchen

  • Rayshauna Gray | On Imposter Syndrome

    Rayshauna Gray channels her curiosity and incessant desire for meaning into her research and writing at Harvard, Tufts, and the Cambridge Historical Society. If you're tired of doubting your own value, the Change of Heart framework was designed to help you get to the root of how Imposter Syndrome manifests in your life so you can live and work in healthier ways. 

    Learn more about Rayshauna