In the fourth episode of the podcast, Rayshauna talks about Black Chicago, gun violence, worry, white liberals, and hometown pride.

Yes, using history and myths.

In the third episode of the Ask Me series, I grapple with a bunch of huge notions, ultimately recording a response that covered everything from the Reconstruction Amendments to the specters of my days doing racial reconciliation work to notions of regional culture difference. Thanks to Amanda (Washington DC) for these hardcore questions.


In the second episode of the Ask Me series, I draw on my experiences with family and History to answer a question about how I stay so curious and engaged. Thanks to Hila (Boston, MA) for such a dynamic question.

In the pilot episode of the Ask Me series, I answer a question about the central texts that undergird my worldview. It turns into a mini love letter to literature. Thanks to dear friend Jon (Milwaukee, WI) for getting us started.