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It started when I boarded a plane at O'Hare with a one-way planet ticket to Boston, one suitcase, and $12 to my name.

Well, I also arranged a job with room and board.

I left my windy hometown for Cambridge in July of 2009. I dropped out of college the year before, spent the next year languishing in a northern Illinois suburb, and ultimately decided it was time to change my life.

Well, I'm eight years into my New England life now. I wanted to rebuild my intellectual esteem, so I've attended 400+ lectures and panel discussions since moving here. I've learned about faith traditions during my House of Worship hop and volunteered with non-profits like MassNOW and Boston's Museum of African American History. It wasn't a direct path, but I'm coordinating the Gender Initiative at Harvard Business School now. I'm also a historical researcher at Tufts' Center for the Study of Race and Democracy...because life has quite the sense of humor. :)