Hi, I'm Rayshauna. Welcome to my site!

When I'm not chronicling life lessons, I'm petting dogs and trying to get birds and cows to hang out with me. I research in Tufts' history department and Center for the Study of Race & Democracy and coordinate Harvard’s Opportunity Insights’ policy team. I’ve spent time volunteering with some fantastic communities too. I really enjoyed creating content for Boston's Museum of African American History and advancing legislation with the National Organization for Women in Massachusetts. I’m currently jazzed about being part of the Cambridge Historical Society’s communications committee and the Boston Book Festival’s program committee.

I'm up to a lot these days, but I'm thrilled by all my opportunities. I enjoy speaking on panels, presenting my research, facilitating workshops around the country, and writing my newsletter. I'm currently writing my first book, Roseland (about the last seven generations of women in my family over 200 years) to be released with Belt Publishing in Spring 2020. 

Feel free to drop me a line if you have an opportunity you're aching to tell me about...or if you want to say hi.

Nice to "meet" ya. :)