Art (Washington DC)

I'm so lucky to know Mari Andrew. Our paths crossed during college and words can't express how happy I am that they did. She wrestles with difficult subject matter and creates art that helps us feel less alone. Check out her amazing work, purchase prints, and attend her spectacular events.


Civics / Social Justice (San Diego, CA)

My pal Oren Robinson has such a heart for people. Oren is the Associate Director at Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans. PANA promotes civic and economic inclusion of refugees, and envisions a world where refugees are connected global citizens leading trans-continental movement work to advance freedom for everyone. Let's get involved.

App (Cambridge, MA)

I'm thrilled about my buddy Colin Braun's new venture, Convos. He and his co-founder Daniel Sipple want to harness collective brainpower by fostering meaningful conversations. Put your insight where your fingertips are...and engage in a convo. The Convos app can be found in the Apple Store here. Fellow Android users, the world will have to wait a bit longer to benefit from our brilliance, but our version's on the way!

Community / Co-working Space (Chicago, IL)

I'm a fortunate person to have a friend in Levi Baer, a Chicago-based entrepreneur and community builder. He and his co-founder Nicole Vasquez are gearing up to open Second Shift Chicago, a coworking space in Logan Square. Nicole is the brain behind The Shift, the first coworking location in Uptown. They're still laying the groundwork, so support their Indiegogo campaign here. There's a great community in it for you.