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6/24 Impostor Syndrome Workshop (Hall - Boston’s Back Bay)

Let's challenge self-doubt in community.

If you're anything like me, you've doubted your skills. If you happen to be a woman or person of color or a millennial like me, you've also come up against the doubts of others on a cultural level. If you're tired of turning down opportunities, neglecting to advocate for yourself, and doubting your own value, I've been there. I've also stayed in unhealthy workplace environments much longer than I should've because I didn't think that I could flourish on my own.

Let's meet, deliberate, and collectively choose to live and work in healthier ways. This 90 minute workshop was designed to help you get to the root of how IS manifests in your life. Read more about my journey here. Event details here.



Modus Operandi Deck (7/1/19 Release)

Whether you're processing solo or deliberating during a staff meeting, this 72 card deck is designed to help you ask important questions related to your company culture, personal journey, and industry. If we're to do our best work, we should not only be aware of why we do what we do...we should also examine our 'how'.

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